2014 Gongjian Liuan via Chawangshop [Episode 350]

This episode, Denny and I drink a Liuan Heicha from Chawangshop. The tea makes an interesting contrast vs. our more standard brew of pu’erh. Thanks to Toby for sending this in! https://www.chawangshop.com/ Toby’s blog: http://ntan.tcpsolomon.com/

One response to “2014 Gongjian Liuan via Chawangshop [Episode 350]”

  1. To answer one of the questions about the tea: that sample was taken directly from the top of a previously unopened basket of the tea that’s been in my storage for a couple of years. The compression on these liu an’s (and most liu an I’ve tried) seems to be quite light: you can usually break it apart with your hands and the leaves are pretty whole (though tiny).

    In terms of flavour the fermentation is definitely different to pu’er, much more like Tian Jian. I describe it as a more live fermentation flavour: it reminds me of things like baking bread, yogurt, or beer being brewed. Whereas pu’er tends to be more earthy and fungal.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

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