Yunnan Pu’erh Special Tea Factory 2006 Shu Pu’erh [Episode 26]

In episode 26, James & Denny have a special guest star from a new Pu’erh tea company opening up shop in the US, Crimson Lotus Tea. Today’s tea is literally a wedding cake, just far better than your traditional white sugary affair. Yunnan Pu’erh Special Tea Factory 2006 Ripe Pu’erh.



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5 responses to “Yunnan Pu’erh Special Tea Factory 2006 Shu Pu’erh [Episode 26]”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Interesting video, guys.

    Two rinses? Is this common in the world of pu’erh? If so, what is the advantage over one rinse?

    And does this company actually sell tea online, or are they still in start-up mode?


  2. James Avatar

    Hi Peter,

    Two rinses is very common for any sort of compressed tea (Pu’erh, heicha). This essentially serves the purpose of washing the leaves as well as breaking apart the tea away from it’s chunks.

    Crimson Lotus is still in start-up mode. You might be able to message them about their Pu’erh starter kit if you interested, but they’re traveling to China in early 2014 for several months to get married (in China) as well as source some tea!


  3. Cwyn Avatar

    I’m watching the Tweets, rather looking forward to Crimson Lotus returning to the states so I can order some of their cakes. Feels like we will get in on some sweet tasting secrets very soon,

    1. James Avatar

      Yes indeed! I’m excited as well. Looking forward to reconnecting with them.

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