Tan Long Tea’s Wild Mountain Black [Episode 106]

Another blind tasting. This one is a “wild” Yunnan Black provided by Vicky of Tan Long Tea.

5 responses to “Tan Long Tea’s Wild Mountain Black [Episode 106]”

  1. Nice show! I drink a lot of black tea myself. The Yunnan blacks, apart from purple Dehong, seem very light and subtle to me overall, I don’t think I would drink a more tannic black first or it would kill my palate for anything more subtle. Having said that, I prefer the palate killers!

  2. Hi all
    Been enjoying this tea recently. I think your tasting notes are spot on. I get more roast, nut, cacao than I typically experience in a Yunnan black. Your comparison to a Wuyi Oolong kind of sweetness is apt. Overall I really enjoy this tea. I found it to have good longevity. It is a nice contrast to less roasted Yunnan blacks.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment! This tea was quite a bit better than we expected. Very pleasant surprise.


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