Storing Pu’erh in North America (& The West). Pu’erh Storage Q&A [Inbetweenisode 207]

This episode, I answer a series of questions sent in about pu’erh storage. This is one of the more hot button topics in the west.

Over the course of the episode, I give some context on how pu’erh storage has been stored in east Asia, and talk about what I find to be acceptable parameters. Also talked about are how my teas have been aging in the 5 years I’ve stored them here in Seattle. Many more questions answered as well.

Thank you for those who sent in questions!

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3 responses to “Storing Pu’erh in North America (& The West). Pu’erh Storage Q&A [Inbetweenisode 207]”

  1. Great video as always – very informative! You mentioned (not for the first time, I think) that you store some of your tea in a plastic bin. I initially tried storing tea in a plastic Rubbermaid container and found that it gradually exuded a sort of plasticky smell (even after repeated washing). I didn’t want to leave my tea in there for that reason. I ended up moving my cakes to glass jars, but those are expensive and cumbersome, and I’m outgrowing them now.

    Do you have a recommendation for a particular type of plastic storage bin? (Or would you recommend upgrading to something like a cooler?)

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