Sejak Morning Crane (Dong Cheon) Korean Green Tea [Episode 28]

James & Denny do another two-episode series on Korean tea acquired from Morning Crane Tea. From the Hadong growing region they review a Sejak from Dong Cheon teas via Morning Crane. This tea can be purchased in the western world from Arthur at Morning Crane Tea or Phoenix Tea House.



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2 responses to “Sejak Morning Crane (Dong Cheon) Korean Green Tea [Episode 28]”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Interesting video, guys.

    Are there any other high-quality vendors of Korean teas, other than Phoenix & Morning Crane, located in North America?


    1. James Avatar

      Thanks for the comment Peter. Good Green Tea ( has a huge selection but is not cheap. Hankook tea (one of the big Korean tea companies) I believe also sells to the west,

      Also check out Matt’s post on western-facing Korean tea vendors.

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