?? Red Mark Ripe (W2T) [Episode 155]

A mystery red mark tea from White2Tea via Richard. Thanks!


2 responses to “?? Red Mark Ripe (W2T) [Episode 155]”

  1. Thanks for another good episode! I enjoyed the discussion about not measuring the ripe. I’m starting to realize or agree w/ Denny that the ripes are more forgiving. I also like that I can see the color differences in the gaiwan, so it can help guide me as I’m brewing. I noticed Denny describe this ripe as a “standard” tasting. Don’t they all kind of taste similar? Most of my ripes have been from Menghai tea factory, so maybe that is the reason. Noticing what James (and that young woman in CA) have said about young raw, it does seem to be a bit rough on the stomach. I’ve been experimenting with rotating – I have a young raw one day, an aged raw the next, and then a ripe on the 3rd… and repeating the cycle. My stomach does seem to like it better than young raws 7/365.

    Thanks again!

  2. This was included in my order as part of Paul’s moving sale last summer. The wrapper does not seem to match any of the teas shown on the website so it shall probably remain a mystery. I don’t drink a lot of shu but found it more decent than most I’ve tried.

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