Phoenix Tea’s Taiwanese Oolongs w/Guest Star Brett [Episode 114]

A special episode with guest star Brett Boynton of Phoenix Tea. Brett helped a young Denny get into tea years ago.

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6 Responses to Phoenix Tea’s Taiwanese Oolongs w/Guest Star Brett [Episode 114]

  1. Bef says:

    A quite different episode and very interesting & entertaining guest. Nice episode.

    I understand that this tasting method is used in Taiwan, and a similar one is also used in India. Wondering if people in the tea business are also using this same method with puerh?

    • James says:

      Hi Benoit,

      Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the ep. Frankly, I haven’t a clue. Perhaps someone with more experience could chime in.


  2. BRETT!!!

    That dude is awesome.

  3. Cwyn says:

    wow, what a great episode! This has to be one of my favorites ever, tea troughing. Brett brings it, tea nerdiness, depth, attention and a touch of transcendence.

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