Lochan Tea’s Thurbo Moonlight [Episode 147]

A rare appearance by a Darjeeling on the show. Watch Denny improvise some parameters together.


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  1. Just out of curiosity … why would anyone drink teas in which one frequently finds black (or any colour) hairs?

    Darjeelings are wonderful (hairless) teas. And Thurbo is one of the very best gardens from that area. So you lads had the honour of drinking what was probably one of the best second flushes of last year.

    • Thanks for the note Peter. I’m quite blissfully unaware that this was one of the best gardens.. Stuck in a sea of pu’erh hair I suppose (hopefully not the curly type).


  2. Hey guys!

    Little off-topic… I’ve recently been looking into tetsubins and have found some info on other sites/blogs and I’m interested in buying one. But the recommended sites to buy from (I have seen) are either sold out or… well not reviewed extensively or less known etc. So any recommended places to buy from or anything to look out for? Is there any chance you guys will be doing a video on those?

    • I bought mine from Artistic Nippon. The only other place I know of is Hojo where you need to wait for a few months.

      Could also try ebay, but YMMV.


  3. I was actually thinking today how I miss having a cup of 2nd flush Darjeeling in the evening…

    To me, Darjeeling is the ultimate casual daily drinker. It does better with western brewing also in my experience, which makes it perfect for non-focused sessions.

    But then, (1) you got to find a Darjeeling that you really enjoy, (2) it doesn’t age very well after, say, 2 years, and (3) there’s all that other tea you need to get through, these puerh sale online and these tea clubs that send tea at your door every month…

    • Thanks Bef. Indeed.. Quite enjoyable, although I struggle to find time with other teas these days.


  4. James, Great to see you reviewing something other than pu-erh on the show and a darjeeling to boot! I echo Peter’s comment–the Thurbo moonlight is a great tea and well-known among aficionados. I find it best to brew darjeeling in a 10-12 oz. mug with a cup infuser (I use Chatsford’s) and let it go for three minutes or so. Darjeelings are some of the best teas in the world; I rarely go a day without drinking a first or second flush.

    • Thanks for the comment and notes Doug. Interesting to here from you fellow pu’erh heads that also love Darjeeling. Gives me hope that some day I will too :).


  5. Off topic, how big is that gaiwan “above” Denny’s head? Where did you acquire it? I have started brewing my black tea in a gaiwan before work for easy cleaning and would love a bigger one than I currently have.

  6. I have to confess, I got a hearty chuckle out of esteemed puerh drinkers (like yourselves) being introduced to a Darjeeling. It’s funny how specialized tea drinkers become in their preferences, and when they’re confronted with a paradigm shift . . . it’s like learning a foreign language. I experience this on the regular when I’m called upon to explore heicha.

    Thurbo Moonlight is not your typical Darjeeling . . . by any stretch. I’ve had numerous conversations with Rajiv about this tea’s weird processing, and the methods used to produce other, similar “Moonlight” teas. (Even some that are ALSO called Moonlight.)

    You guys approached it the correct way (with equal parts intrigue and fear), but I would’ve gone with a full steep at three minutes. More body that way.

    Great video, gents.

    • Thanks Geoff. It’s always been one of Denny and my greatest skills to make fools out of ourselves. Glad we’re able to provide some entertainment and amusement :).


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