ALPHA, BETA, Yunnan Sourcing Raw Pu’erh Blind Tasting [Episode 245]

This episode Denny and James start a three episode series on some Yunnan Sourcing teas, tasted blind. Tasting has been coordinated by Matt of and Yunnan Sourcing . Big thank you to Matt and Scott!

The teas covered in this episode are Alpha and Beta.

Alpha is the 2017 YS Mushucha.

Beta is the 2017 YS Hetaodi.


5 responses to “ALPHA, BETA, Yunnan Sourcing Raw Pu’erh Blind Tasting [Episode 245]”

  1. I hope James and Denny are right about Beta being a Yi Wu, could Alpha be a Ai Lao the verdict is out there? Can’t wait to see the results and a great way to celebrate the virtues of different areas, after all terroir isn’t just about location,location, location but includes the people and processes involved. Can’t wait for the Delta testing.

  2. Hi James and Denny any input on the aging potential of both teas? Or are they both in the ‘drink now’ category? Thanks

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