Ai Lao Mountain Yunnan Sourcing Black [Episode 63]

A personal recommendation from Denny. Yunnan Sourcing’s Ai Lao Mountain Black. A good, durable performer from Yunnan Sourcing.


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  1. Dian hongchas were my introduction to blacks. I still have a fondness for them, tho’ I have moved on.

    YS is a bit overwhleming, so many thanks for highlighting a few winners!

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks as always for the comment! Like you, I don’t drink dian hongs as much as I used to. But this tea (and others) make a great intro tea to indoctrinate beginners and are great daily-drinkers for the rest of us!


  2. I tried the dianhong and imperial needle black tea from YS and like them both. I think dianhong has slightly better balance than the imperial needle. I found black tea a good tea for me during late of the day as it seems to have less caffeine.

    I admire you guys drinking hot tea during that hot week. I grew up in southeast Asia and i only drank tea in the office with the convenient of modern technology (AC). I think i might have become soft since i move here.

    • Hmm interesting observation Meng. I don’t drink blacks too often, but I do find myself gravitating towards more heavily fermented teas later in the day (usually traditionally-stored or ripe pu’erh). Perhaps you are onto something.

      This tea is also nice because it doesn’t require alot of leaves (caffeine) to create an enjoyable beverage.

      Haha, yes we have definitely been having our little heat wave here. But everyday is a tea day for me, rain or shine/hot or cold.


  3. First off, I thoroughly enjoyed the video, and love the idea of watching you guys review some teas that you actually drink on a day to day basis; that kinda stuff fascinates me.
    Second, what is your position on competition tasting/cupping? Is it something you do at all? If so, when and why?
    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Zach!

      Thanks for the comment and kind words! Competition tasting/cupping is a great way to directly compare two teas. Except in unusual/special circumstances I usually end up just brewing the teas normally (gong-fu) as I find drinking tea like this to be more enjoyable.

      If you are making a large purchasing decision based off samples, doing some sort of competition style brew would be a good idea.

      Hope this clarifies and cheers!

  4. Just received a bunch (9!) black teas from Yunnan Sourcing that Scott recommended.

    The one I’m currently drinking is the one you reviewed here. Very good, and very cheap ($6 for 50g, I think). Great deal.

    Awesome with these coconut macaroons that I’m eating at the same time. Something in the taste matches – even though I don’t really like coconut usually.

    • Hi Bef,

      Thanks for the comment! Scott specializes in very good tea for exceedingly reasonable prices and this tea is the pick of the litter.


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