2017 Zhengsilong Wangong Raw Pu’erh via Tea-Encounter [Episode 319]

This episode, Denny and I drink a powerful young Yiwu tea. This tea was made by well-respected tea producer Zhengsilong and was kindly provided by Tiago of Tea Encounter.








3 responses to “2017 Zhengsilong Wangong Raw Pu’erh via Tea-Encounter [Episode 319]”

  1. The Weekend Sessions Avatar

    Oh nice, I was planning on drinking this tea this weekend! I only tried two Zheng Si Long puerhs so far but I really enjoyed them both.

    1. James Avatar

      Right on. I’d be curious what you think. This one is quite good IMO.

      1. The Weekend Sessions Avatar

        Just finishing up a session with it. I think my notes aren’t too far off from yours. I definitely agree with the thought of it being an mix of soft but strong. It’s not a big flavour bomb tea, but there is still a power there. Good balance of sweet and bitter (I didn’t get as much bitter as you guys seem to, but I’m brewing a bit cooler), floral, late steeps go to raisin-ish taste. You guys think it could benefit from a few years of storage – I’ve got enough left to try again so I’m going to sit on it and revisit down the line.

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