2016 Dayi Chenxiang Yayun via YS [Inbetweenisode 165]

This episode, James brings on another daily drinking Dayi ripe onto a solo inbetweenisode. Smooth, easy to drink, this is one of the final sessions of a cake. The Chenxiang Yayun uses aged ripe material and was pressed in 2016.

5.8 Rating.

2016 Menghai "Chen Xiang Ya Yun" Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake







4 responses to “2016 Dayi Chenxiang Yayun via YS [Inbetweenisode 165]”

  1. Karl Avatar


    Sounds like a nice tea. I am a fan in general of Dayi ripes, especially with some age on them (V93, 7572, 7562). I like that you are reviewing some “humble” daily drinkers along with the rare/break-the-bank teas. Sometimes you just want a nice beverage with no drama.

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Karl. Appreciate it. It’s kind of an unexpected change of habit after a few years of hardly touching ripe. I think my wallet is thanking me too.


  2. Jimmy Avatar

    I’m loving these inbetweenisode reviews, thank you! I really like the idea of beginning the day off with a somewhat casual pot of shou.

    I’m curious to know, when you brew shou in a bit larger pot such as that, how fully do you fill it when doing the rinse? I’m also interested to know if you rinse it once or twice.


    1. James Avatar

      Hi Jimmy,

      That’s a good question. Thinking about it, I probably fill it 2/3rds or so. Enough to get all the leaves wet.


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