2014 White2Tea’s Last Thoughts — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #36

Again. Don’t blink or look at the price. This is the second part of a two episode series of extended sessions with a pair of very premium (and also very nice) young raw pu’erhs. This one is the excellent Last Thoughts from White2Tea.


4 responses to “2014 White2Tea’s Last Thoughts — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #36”

  1. I think the 2014 is no longer available. But for anyone buying a premium gushu, spending this kind of cash when you know ahead of time that it will be worth it, get the tea as early after pressing as possible, to enjoy the full life cycle. The youngest days are special on their own, like a new child, not to miss out on a precious time.

    • Hi Cwyn,

      Yes you’re right.. Good point there. These teas are at their most dynamic and changing when young. Good education to continue brewing them out.


  2. This tea rocks. And some great advice above. I’ve gotta retry the 2015 version, don’t think my first session with it was representative…….

    • Yes it does! I have had one session with the 2015 so far. Initial impression is extremely positive.


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