Yunnan Sourcing’s 2012 Purple Yiwu [Episode 78]

In episode 78, Denny & James review a raw pu’erh production by Yunnan Sourcing, the 2012 Purple Yiwu. It is a reasonably priced young pu’erh that is both sweet and very pleasant to drink now.


2 responses to “Yunnan Sourcing’s 2012 Purple Yiwu [Episode 78]”

  1. Great fun to see the interaction between you guys! It is as enjoyable as what you have to say about the tea, at times. (No offense meant.) I don’t know much about purple varietal teas. Are they common in the world of puer?

    • Thanks Peter! Purple teas are somewhat common in pu’erh. There’s some doubts on whether they’ll age well. You can find a bunch of them (mostly inexpensive) from Yunnan Sourcing.


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