Yunnan Sourcing’s 2012 Purple Yiwu [Episode 78]

In episode 78, Denny & James review a raw pu’erh production by Yunnan Sourcing, the 2012 Purple Yiwu. It is a reasonably priced young pu’erh that is both sweet and very pleasant to drink now.






2 responses to “Yunnan Sourcing’s 2012 Purple Yiwu [Episode 78]”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Great fun to see the interaction between you guys! It is as enjoyable as what you have to say about the tea, at times. (No offense meant.) I don’t know much about purple varietal teas. Are they common in the world of puer?

    1. James Avatar

      Thanks Peter! Purple teas are somewhat common in pu’erh. There’s some doubts on whether they’ll age well. You can find a bunch of them (mostly inexpensive) from Yunnan Sourcing.


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