2012 BYH Guafengzhai (single tree?) [Episode 223]

In this episode, Denny and James drink a supposedly single tree raw pu’erh. The focus is not on this fact, but on the tea which is a punchy, strong treat. Biyun Hao is a boutique Taiwanese brand. Thanks to Pedro for introducing this brand to the west!


2 responses to “2012 BYH Guafengzhai (single tree?) [Episode 223]”

  1. Hey TDB,

    Any idea how one might be able to get in touch with this mysterious “Pedro” character? I’d love to try some of these Biyun Hao teas.


    • Hi Morgan,

      I am a bit uncomfortable posting his email everywhere, but you can check the comments of the youtube video to find the information you seek!


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