2009 Xizihao Guafengzhai [Episode 197]

Another fancy pants pu’erh from Xizihao. This one is a 2009 production allegedly coming from Guafengzhai.







4 responses to “2009 Xizihao Guafengzhai [Episode 197]”

  1. Unkle Bob (no relation) Avatar
    Unkle Bob (no relation)

    Some of the 2016 GOP productions got me pretty woke.
    Harsh tokes, and I doubt they’ll age well.

  2. garrett Avatar

    2012 Tea Urchin GFZ (butterfly) was pretty waking for me.

  3. Doug Avatar

    I agree with Garrett. A couple of the 2012 Tea Urchin shengs got me hooked on good raws: the GFZ and the Man Zhuan. Also, this selection from Verdant had a big influence on my early pu-erh drinking.


  4. Richard F. Avatar
    Richard F.

    Another vote for the TU 2012 GFZ as the first young sheng to open my eyes to the possibilities here. But the W2T 2014 Last Thoughts has become my benchmark for the class.

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