2009 Xizihao Diangu [Episode 191]

A special Northern Yunnan production from Xizihao. A very complex, dynamic tea that was fun to session with other pu-heads.


2 responses to “2009 Xizihao Diangu [Episode 191]”

  1. I took a quick look at Sanhetang website, seems like they also produce this tea during 2014 and 15. It said the tea is made of Fengqing material. Maybe your trip this year to Asia involve spending some time at Tainan to have more of their tea, and get all the 15 cakes for the year during the trio.

  2. The tea is from Fengqing.

    This is not a dollar a gram tea. The person who sold it for a dollar a gram gave a huge price break, even for a taiwanese private collector sale. Retail, a 250g cake is more than a thousand, by now.

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