2007 Dayi Star of Menghai Ripe [Episode 321]

This episode, Denny and I drink a special production ripe from last decade, the Star of Menghai. This is a production that is not made every year and is composed of a lot of tippy, gong ting leaves. Thank you to shah for sending this tea in.

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3 Responses to 2007 Dayi Star of Menghai Ripe [Episode 321]

  1. shah8 says:

    The main reason I sent this tea was so that you had a fairly standard ripe, so as to give more of a feel specifically for the impact of my storage, vs the An Xiang ripe.

    • James says:


      I’d say that the thing I like about your storage for these ripes is it really seems to keep a lot of the nuance and complexities intact. With some of the Anxiangs that our mutual friend got, the storage has not done them any favors.

      • shah8 says:

        Traditionally, dry stored ripes weren’t seen as to be very interesting, and MarshalN, for example, finds wet stored aged shu to be more interesting…

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