2002 CNNP Tiepai White2Tea Ripe Pu’erh [Episode 62]

The final episode in our series on White2Tea. This episode covers a wet-stored ripe pu’erh with a classic recipe (7572). Dark and creamy this is a well-above average ripe pu’erh.


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  1. Nice to get some feedback on a shu this time ’round. I am glad that you think a shu is quite forgiving, as I am now mostly brewing them grandpa style while at work. (They could be steeping for an hour or more at a time before I get time to drink the brew.)

    • Thanks Peter! For me at least, Shu’s are great affordable, forgiving, complementary teas.

      They can also be a mighty fine tea!


  2. A Chinese medicine doctor tea friend has pointed out to me the balancing aspects of shou for people who drink a lot of sheng, to normalize the stomach qi. I am trying to tune into this seriously because I don’t want to ruin my stomach, and I have health conditions too. It is not a cure for anything as much as a tonic. Ripe is easy to dismiss as less interesting, but I am turning back to it for the body-friendly aspect.

    • I also find ripe to be a bit less interesting than sheng, but there are some plenty decent ripe pu’erhs to be had!

  3. Take from your Uncle Larry, If any of you are young to your tea journey, and are undecided of trying puerhs, All styles of puerhs taste different.They can be infused/brewed more times than any other tea.
    Invest a good amount of dollars in a yixing for drinking not collecting. Make sure it is the kind that complements puerhs.

  4. Yes, indeed, Uncle (though I might be older than you), and I find puerh to be the best value in tea compared to almost any loose tea (barring a few oolong teas with higher pricing still) because of the numerous steeps. Some puerh teas go for days before they give out!

  5. James,

    I am guessing you have tried the 7572 from different years and makers. If so, do you find them significantly different depending on age or maker? As you probably know well, the price for 7572 goes up significantly with age. In your opinion, is it worth to pay significantly more for a much older 7572 (i.e. 2002 vs. 2012)?

    As always, i appreciate the information that you guys are sharing. I imagine it will take quite a lot of effort doing what you guys are doing.

    • Hi Meng,

      Thank you for the kind words. Very good question! Some people really like aged ripe pu’erh and others think it is a total rip-off.

      Ripe pu’erh changes much less than raw pu’erh over time but can continue to develop in interesting ways, especially if it is lightly fermented. The final product that you end up drinking will depend on alot of factors, including the source material, age, and storage.

      If you are looking for the best value or if ripe pu’erh is mainly a casual drink for you, than I’d buy younger ripe pu’erh. ~2010-2012 Menghai would be great drink-now ripes. Younger then that, and there still may be a bit of the pile taste. I fit into the casual ripe pu’erh category and end up purchasing accordingly. Denny on the other hand is more proactive about seeking out different and more aged ripe pu’erh.

      This is a good example of ripe pu’erh with a little bit of age. Yunnan Sourcing’s 1997 7581 is another good example of an aged ripe tea (coming up in a few weeks).

      Hope this helps to clarify and cheers!

  6. Hi James,
    I am a little late, but loved catching up on this episode. Great info on ripe pu’erh tea and buying one with some age.

    Denny mentioned that when introducing someone to these teas he tries to offer something with a “sweeter vanilla/cherry” note. Can you recommend some specific teas to me to give my friends???
    Thanks again for all of your hard work.

  7. I have ordered this shou based upon your recommendation in this video, guys. Let’s see if it lives up to your assessment.

    • Hi Peter,

      Good luck sir! As is the case of many of White2Tea’s selection, I enjoy this tea quite a bit. Please let us know what your thoughts are once the tea arrives.


  8. I’m down to a few sessions left on the beeng I got of this tea. I’ve grown to love it and hold it as my absolute favorite ripe. Going to miss it so much when it’s gone. Do you guys have any recomendations for a replacement? Something with a bit of age to it.

    • Hi Max,

      Thanks for the comment. I actually regret not ever buying this tea.. As far as a replacement, I don’t have a great recommendations but do have a few ideas.. I have a bing of W2T’s Lumber Slut coming that sounds like it may fit into this genere. Perhaps you could try some of tealife.hk’s offerings. Scott also has some older, wet-stored ripe I have yet to try.


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