Camellia Sinensis 2001 Lahu Sheng Pu’erh [Episode 25]

In episode 25, James & Denny continue with the very diverse selection of Camellia Sinensis. Today’s tea is a 2001 raw pu’erh from Lahu. Grown from very old trees, this is likely wet-stored, this tea is pleasantly fruity and quite mellow.


3 responses to “Camellia Sinensis 2001 Lahu Sheng Pu’erh [Episode 25]”

  1. A difficult question and one that depends person to person. The comparison Denny makes to an expensive cocktail is a good one but one that requires a slight change of thinking (at least for me).

    This tea is easily one of the better shengs I’ve tasted, and I believe this tea is worth spending ~$15 on the 25 gram quantity for those not in dire straits. The 25 g quantity will easily yield 3+ sessions, making it ~$5/session. While this is very expensive for a tea, it’s actually pretty in line with a relatively unremarkable beer at a bar (or a few beers from the grocery store). Only this tea is not an unremarkable beer, it is a very, very good tea and much closer to an expensive cocktail.

    I should be careful, or I’m going to talk myself into buying a cake of this tea :).

  2. hi! Just listened to your discussion with tasting while drinking this very tea, 2001 Lahu from Cam. Sin., only 8 years later, tea being 8 years older – it was interesting to compare your tasting notes with my own… what would you imagine, how 8 more years of age effect the tea?

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