Yunnan Sourcing’s Mengku Assamica Black (Red) Tea [Episode 292]

This episode, Denny and I drink another tasty Hongcha from Scott. This one is from Yunnan and stands out for its engaging texture and taste. We actually unknowingly drank this Mengku Hongcha earlier this year for an episode.

2 responses to “Yunnan Sourcing’s Mengku Assamica Black (Red) Tea [Episode 292]”

  1. I always find it spooky when your vlogs match my drinking habits as I have just been enjoying one of Scott’s 2017 Jingmai Mountain wild arbor hongchas. Unfortunately it is now sold out so I’m glad I have still some left, however the 2018 production is still available. I find its done well over a year in a porcelain caddy and its emerging mineral/woody taste has evolved with time.

    Its a good point of reference about drinking habits with seasons. Recently the weather has been unseasonably mild here and I’ve found I have naturally slipped back into enjoying rock oolongs and hongcha, leaving my shu untouched for now.

    “drinking shu in vests is only for fools or those without clothes!”

    • Right on Jonny. I enjoy this one a good deal, have been alternating with this and the Yiwu. Still it does not find its way into my cup nearly as much as ripe :).

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