Tea Urchin’s 2014 Bulang Beauty — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #13

Inbetweenisode Episode #13 covers Tea Urchin’s 2014 Bulang Beauty, a cake cut with some Lao Banzhang. If you have the money this will probably age quite well (or if you like young, strong sheng!). A good comparison with White2Tea’s New Amerykah.

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  1. I do own a cake of New Amerikah 2 and I must say I must have a natural tendency for bitter sheng but I don’t find the NA2 to be too too overwelhming. I really love it and consume it about once a week without any side effect.

    I’d be most curious to try this cake. But 400g of young raw bulang puerh is enough for my tea shelf 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your impression James ! Really fun to look at inbetweenisode everyweek! Cheers

    • Hi Xavier,

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words. If you like the New Amerykah, I’d definitely give this sample a try if your budget allows. I’ve found it to not be as consistent as W2T’s tea but is better in other aspects.

      I should also note that Tea Urchin was also doing a tasting not long ago that let you taste sample a bunch of their selection pretty inexpensively!


        • Will do a small follow up comment. Today’s afternoon was a session of that said New Amerikah 2.

          Lately I’ve been experimenting with brewing parameters of all my tea b/c I thought it was causing me some health problems. I must say that the tea has nothing to do with it and here are my favorite brewing param.

          For the New Amerikah 2, you NEED to use a very high g/ml ratio. I find that at 2g/30ml, the tea start to shine and is absolutely a treat. But beware to do really really really short steep, if not, bitterness will kill you…

          Brew with care I’d say 🙂
          I love bulang visibly 😀

          • Hi Xavier,

            Thanks for commenting and sharing! Those are ~ the ratios that I use for brewing most of my raw too.

            As someone perpetually over my tea budget I can certainly relate.


  2. Yeah I’m in Packer country here and people are all bummed out but we’ve won plenty. The important distinction here though, is between the beery fans outside contemplating who in their right mind celebrates a football win by drinking bitter green tea? Think about this and we have the bubble of presumed normal in the world of the tea drinker. Cheers!

  3. Living in Wisconsin and growing up a Packer fan, I reluctantly acknowledge the jubilation there. Well beyond football fandom,though this is an awesome tea review.

  4. Good stuff as always James, yet again another oversight in my sampling orders. Will add it to the ever-growing list. If it’s anywhere near as good as the TU LBZ – without the eye-watering price – then this is probably worth picking up.

    And it seems you have a lot of Packer fans watching, myself included. Thanks for the minimal ‘hawks commentary, still stings a bit to think about.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t tried the TU LBZ but this one is good. It’s a bit harder to pin down than the New Amerykah and also a bit more inconsistent (perhaps because of the 10% LBZ). This cake does have moments of greatness and is pretty alright for the price.


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