Transferring Brewing Devices, Tea Brewing [Inbetweenisode 119]

This episode talks about a small brewing tip that I’ve been doing lately, transferring the leaves from a smaller, less heat-retaining device to something a bit larger with thicker walls that retains heat better.

3 responses to “Transferring Brewing Devices, Tea Brewing [Inbetweenisode 119]”

  1. Last week I had to leave around half a dozen steeps into some 2016 Tuhao, put the covered vessel of leaves in the refrigerator, and resumed the session 3 days later to no apparent ill effect.

  2. One aid to preserving wet leaves might be to cover them quickly after a steep. A soak in nearly boiling water should kill a lot of what might grow, but mold spores and bacteria are reintroduced through exposure to ambient air.

    It probably makes sense to consider tea much like, say, cooked spinach, and observe food safety guidelines accordingly.

  3. Great, informative episode! I’ve been doing this with shu and sheng for this very reason and also when I think a certain clay will bring out more desirable flavor notes and textures from gushu and/or aged sheng leaves.

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