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2014 YS Man Tang Hong 3 Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 184]

This episode, I finish up a ripe pu’erh cake I bought a while ago from Scott. The cake is part of Yunnan Sourcing‘s Man Tang Hong line, a series of teas I’ve had decent experiences with. The tea is brewed … Continue reading

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Yunnan Sourcing’s Mengku Assamica Black (Red) Tea [Episode 292]

This episode, Denny and I drink another tasty Hongcha from Scott. This one is from Yunnan and stands out for its engaging texture and taste. We actually unknowingly drank this Mengku Hongcha earlier this year for an episode.

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2017 Hailang Hao Yishanmo Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Episode 290]

This episode Denny and I drink a premium ripe pu’erh made by Hailang Hao and sourced by Yunnan Sourcing. This is a subtle but rewarding tea that stands out for its texture, depth, and aftertaste.

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2017 YS Yiwu Hongcha Black Tea [Episode 286]

This episode, Denny and I drink a solid, robust, and durable black tea from Scott of Yunnan Sourcing. The tea uses material from Yiwu, a traditional pu’erh growing area. The tea is a little slow to start but worth the … Continue reading

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How Much Does Ripe Pu’erh Cost from Western Vendors?

Since I’ve crunched a bunch of numbers for other pu’erh categories, I figured I should do the same for ripe pu’erh. Ripe pu’erh is not exactly the most talked about tea, but it is generally considered to be affordable and … Continue reading

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Q&A. Vendor + Tea Recommendations, Tea Books, Judging Pu’erh, etc. [Inbetweenisode 173]

This episode I answer a series of questions on tea, covering a pretty wide range of topics. Topics include vendors for aged oolongs, water, tea books, caffeine content, judging pu’erh, and some pu’erh recommendations. Thanks for all the great questions … Continue reading

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2015 Dayi Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Inbetweenisode 169]

In this solo inbetweenisode. James brings on another inexpensive Dayi ripe pu’erh. This one is an extremely soft, smooth, and very comfortable tea from Menghai Tea Factory. 5.8 Rating. 2015 Menghai "Elephant Mountain" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake

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2017 Gaojiashan Hui Gui Fuzhuan via YS [Episode 267]

This episode, Denny and I drink a very interesting Heicha from Hunan. The tea is made by Gaojiashan factory and is a golden flower brick, Fuzhuan. The processing is done in a way that creates yellow fungi (Golden Flowers). It’s … Continue reading

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Datapost: The Dearth of Aged Pu’erh Available From Western Facing Vendors

It’s no secret that aged pu’erh is scarce out west. The western vendor scene is dominated by vendors traveling to Yunnan bringing back predominantly young tea to sell. For this exercise, I added all of the older teas from western vendors … Continue reading

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2015 Hailang Hao Bianxiang Suiyihao Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Inbetweenisode 164]

This episode, James brings on a premium ripe pu’erh from Bulang mountain. This tea normally sells in large 1kg bricks. Thanks to Scott for providing the tea! 7.3 rating. 2015 Hai Lang Hao "Bi An Xiang Sui Yi Hao" Ripe … Continue reading

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