Roasted Tieguanyin from Cwyn – InBetweenIsode #15 w/ Denny

2 responses to “Roasted Tieguanyin from Cwyn – InBetweenIsode #15 w/ Denny”

  1. The initial photo shot on the vid looks like something someone forgot to flush.

    I sent this tea along with a puerh package to you guys without labeling the tea. My hope was that I had selected an “average” Tieguanyin, and if so then I would know a +1 and a -1 when I find them. Seems like so many “dark” roasts are green underneath. That could bode well for aging, but if the tea doesn’t have much punch, it will simply fade with aging.

    Anyway, the tea is from American Tea Room in Beverly Hills, just off Santa Monica Blvd., the tea is currently on sale for $18/3.5 oz. at

  2. Nice episode!

    I really like reviews of cheap, daily drinker. And love blind tastings as well. I think that you need a lot of experience and confidence to be willing to do blind tastings on video.

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