Morning Crane Tea Noeulhangki Balhyocha by Kim Jong Yeol [Episode 235]

Another very tasty and unique Balhyocha from Morning Crane Tea. This one has larger leaves than the others and is made by Kim Jong Yeol. Elements of oolong, black, and white teas.


4 responses to “Morning Crane Tea Noeulhangki Balhyocha by Kim Jong Yeol [Episode 235]”

    • Hi Matt,

      Right on! We are very much Korean tea newbies, but have been enjoying these from Arthur a lot.


  1. I’m glad to see you guy’s were quite impressed with this tea. Korean teas flavor profiles and aromas are unique. I think the last time I had Kim Jong Yeols ” Hwangcha” as it was called then was 2013. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t make any green tea at all. All the pickings, Ujeon, Sejak, Jungak etc. All get mixed together to make her Bahlyocha, just the way her grandmother taught her.
    I’ve always thought of the flavors as malted grain, honey, some florals and with a cooling eucalyptus sensation. Eucalyptus not being a flavor or and aroma but a cooling sensation in the sinuses.
    I’ll be participating in Arthur’s tea buy this year and Kim Jong Yeols Bahlyocha is the main tea I’m after.

    • Hi Bret, you are confusing Jeong Jae Yeon’s hwangcha called Halmonicha with Kim Jong Yeol. Two different producers and the teas are different. They did review Halmonicha is an unlisted episode my memory is 23 or 28. I’m not sure why they forgot it.
      Kim Jong Yeol makes a wide variety of wonderful teas.

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