Jing Xian Ti Kui 2014 – InBetweenIsode #6 w/ Denny

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4 Responses to Jing Xian Ti Kui 2014 – InBetweenIsode #6 w/ Denny

  1. Peter says:

    You may run out of hats, Denny, but I highly doubt that you will ever be bereft of captivating descriptors (lavender clams?) More seriously, though, I also like to play around with different ways of brewing. But once I found the way to produce a taste that I like from a particular tea, I end all experimentation.

  2. Weasser says:

    Nooo! This video doesn’t work. I started from video one, and have worked my way through all of your videos, except this one. 🙁

  3. Donald Motley says:

    The video doesn’t play — here or on YouTube.

    • James says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure what is up! It used to work and we haven’t changed it or anything. I’ll leave this up, in case youtube figures out the issue.

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