JK Tea Shop’s Jinjunmei Lapsang Souchong via Hster [Episode 95]

This is a fantastic tea sent to us by fellow tea blogger, Hster of Tea Closet. Read her Lapsang breakdown. This is a non-smoky Lapsang with a really wonderful, complex taste.

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  1. Also tried brewing 2nd flush darjeeling gongfu style in the last few weeks. What I found is that you really need to not use much leaves, and go with pretty short brew time – like, almost flash brew, otherwise it gets overbrewed quite fast.

    Found it interesting, but turned out in less complex brew in my opinion. Tasted quite “unidimensional”. But I did like it and it’s a good way to through leftovers of some teas in a few days.

    I get better results with gongfu style with chinese black teas, and it might be because of leaf size.

  2. JK Tea’s Jinjunmei is $40/100g, which is an extremely low price for jinjunmei. Remember, Jinjunmei is supposed to be the tips made from wuyi bushes in the scenic places. They should have similar prices to yancha from those areas (and more since it’s just tips). Real jinjunmei is around a thousand dollars a half-kilo. I’m almost curious as to whether it is Yinjunmei, which is stronger in chocolate and weaker fruitiness. I’ve had the Teaspring Yinjunmei from the 2009 harvest. I found that it’s not a great gongfu tea, and that it’s more impressive as an ultradeep western brew. Teas from Yixings are the most consistently high quality gongfu honghca experiences in my book, in terms of dynamic session.

    • Hi shah8,

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t really delved into the LS/JinJunMei market, but knowing its from the same area as Wuyi, that doesn’t surprise me. Appreciate the extra notes.


  3. Dear Dynamic Tea Duo,

    Thank you for giving LSJJM such a welcome reception. I knew Denny would be into that longan flavor and mouthfeel. I sent it mostly as a reference point for high end LS and was curious how the TeaClassico version compares. Actually the Papua New Guinea chocolate bar I sent pairs really well with this tea.


    • Hi Hster,

      Thanks for the tea and the comment! This was an excellent one. Judging purely from memory I’d say that this was a cut above the Tea Classico one. Take that with a serious grain of salt, as these may’ve been the only two times I’ve ever consumed LS.


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