2019 Yunnan Sourcing Lao Man’e Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 218]


One response to “2019 Yunnan Sourcing Lao Man’e Ripe Pu’erh [Inbetweenisode 218]”

  1. Thanks for the review James! It was very interesting to hear your thoughts.

    I find myself coming down on the total opposite side with this tea and it’s one I could absolutely drink every day. The taste of this one reminds me a lot more of bittersweet dark chocolate than the pill-type bitterness you mentioned (It’s funny because right as I type this I’m drinking some fresh mao cha from Lao Man’e and I get that pill-type bitterness in spades…. It’s almost too much). I’m primarily a raw puerh guy and admittedly most ripes don’t do much for me. I feel like they need some serious strength for me to enjoy them, which is probably not fair to a lot of ripes, but so goes my palate. I also have a cake of the Bawang and so far I havent been too crazy about it, but it’s only been in my storage for a short time.

    Interestingly, I tried a sample of the Hai Lang Hao Lao Man’e ripe from YS and found it to be much less bitter than Scott’s.

    Cheers man

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