2014 Chenyuan Hao Bingdao via Teapals — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #50

A sample supplied by Grill. Thanks! This tea is sold by Malaysia based, Teapals.

This is an interesting, premium tea from a region that I’m only starting to be come a little familiar with. Very educational and interesting tea.

6 responses to “2014 Chenyuan Hao Bingdao via Teapals — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #50”

  1. Same ambiguity with me. The overall quality of the tea impresses me greatly, but the flavor profile and aromatics are not my favorite. I got to compare it with the BHYJ 13 a couple of times. Very similar, but this one is way more concentrated.

    • Hi puyuan,

      Thanks for the notes and am happy to hear that our notes line up. Had a tricky time placing this, largely due to my unfamiliarity with similar teas.


      ps. Also thanks for the Teapals rec.

  2. Thanks for another great episode. You do a great job of clearly communicating how and why to play with steep times and the effects of doing so.

    At least from my perspective, there’s such a vacuum of truly informed and entertaining tea education, so I really appreciate that you and Denny take the time to create this content and to help minimize the myth and mystery surrounding pu er.

  3. Thanks for reviewing this tea, as it prompted me to revisit the one example of Bingdao I have, a sample of 2010 vintage from Tea Urchin. My thoughts echo yours for the most part: a rather mellow, easy-going flavor profile with a hard-hitting Qi. The one deviation that my sample has is that it is not thin at all but has a rather decent viscosity.

    I just with this varietal was more generally available to the West.

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes indeed. It seems when it is available it’s really expensive and seems to sell out very quickly. Interesting tea.


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