2006 Hailang Hao Jin Hai Lang via YS [Episode 220]

In this episode, Denny and James bring on a decade old ripe pu’erh from Yunnan Sourcing. It is a well-balanced, creamy, clean ripe pu’erh. Big thank you to Ryan for sharing this tea with us.

2 responses to “2006 Hailang Hao Jin Hai Lang via YS [Episode 220]”

  1. Hi,

    Sorry but I don’t see you reboil the water in the first couple rounds? water not 100 degrees enough will affects the performance of the pu’erh teas, after the couple rounds the temperature lower a bit is fine.

    It’s just my own opinion, not trying to disturb you guys.

    • Hi Tommy,

      I checked and the tea was boiled right before the show and at ~10 minutes in. You’re not necessarily wrong but I think in this case the tea didn’t suffer too much.

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