1998 Yiwu Brick [Teas I own] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #65

Continuing along with teas I own.. This is a tea acquired by James in his recent trip to Taiwan, a massive 500 gram brick from the late 1990s.

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8 responses to “1998 Yiwu Brick [Teas I own] — TeaDB James InBetweenIsode Episode #65”

  1. We’d love to see your stash, the hidden panels, the… did I hear that right… ‘dank’ ones stuffed behind fake outlets, etc.

    Actually, in all seriousness, your storage system would be very interesting.

    • Thanks for the feedback Oop! Already filmed and coming soon. 1.5 weeks, two inbetweenisodes from now.


      • Oh, you prerecord, good deal. Would you care to explain the difference between inbetweenisode and regular, just for my curious mind?

        • Yep. Inbetweenisodes are just between normal episodes and feature either Denny or myself going solo.

          Normal episodes are every Tuesday and my inbetweenisodes are Wednesday. Dennys were on Thursday, but haven’t been happening as frequently.


  2. Hello James, this sounds like a great tea for the little price you paid buying it in Taiwan. Have you had a chance to compare with the brick tea at Camellia Sinensis? Do you think these might be the same?

    • Hi Cwyn,

      Although I’m not 100% sure (haven’t tried it) but have heard murmurings that it is indeed the same one. Which would of course makes the CS price rather high in comparison (5x)….


  3. Hey James,

    Not completely related to the video but this site and you guys are my most trusted tea information source, so here goes a question. I’m thinking about buying a yixing or jian shui teapot and I’m wondering is there any point to buying one for mostly taste and tea quality improvement reasons? Also what’s the difference between the two types? I’ve been recently ordering from yunnan sourcing a lot and I noticed that they seem to have a decent offering of both… should I consider buying from them? (Either jian shui or yixing) It would be the easiest and most convienient since I’m ordering a lot from them anyways. If not what would you recommend? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated and thanks for doing this site and these videos they have been a great help to me.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi name56,

      Thanks for the kind words and feedback. Frankly, I haven’t bought hardly any clay from YS so it is hard for me to speak towards how it compares with another vendor. They are reputable and I am confident Scott won’t rip you off. That’s about as far as my knowledge of YS clay goes though..

      Will look to do another video on clay in the future as it’s one of the most frequently asked questions!


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