Yi Fu Chun Yezi Tea Chinese Black Tea [Episode 40]

Episode 40 completes the two-part series on some great red/black teas from Yezi Tea. This one features a very good, premium tea, Yi Fu Chun, another black from Fujian.


5 responses to “Yi Fu Chun Yezi Tea Chinese Black Tea [Episode 40]”

  1. Nice to come home from work and relax with a new video from you lads. Thanks! The tea you reviewed is their most expensive red. Is it worth the cost?

    • Hey Peter, good question. I’d say the answer depends entirely on your level of interest/enjoyment in black teas. For me personally, I prefer to buy inexpensive but good quality (i.e. Yunnan Sourcing’s blacks) as I do not drink it much and have far more interest in oolongs and pu’erh. That being said, I know Denny likes to buy some more expensive blacks!

      I would say that this tea was good quality, notably better than the Qing Pin.


        • Nearly every single black tea from Yezitea is in another price range than YS. I’d approximate Yezitea at $7-$14/oz., whereas YS most expensive tea is $6.25/oz. (JJM).

          In my opinion, Yunnan Sourcing is significantly better bang for the buck if you can put up with a long wait on shipping.

          • YS has sales right now.
            If you can find the black tea you like on YS US web, it only take 2-5 days for shipping.

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