WuyiOrigin’s Jinjunmei Hongcha Black Tea [Episode 327]

Sorry for the incorrect title card.

This episode, Denny and I drink a stellar Hongcha from Cindy at WuyiOrigin. Thank you Cindy. This tea is subtle, nuanced, with a lot of complexity and highly enjoyable.


2 responses to “WuyiOrigin’s Jinjunmei Hongcha Black Tea [Episode 327]”

  1. I have two Jin jun Mei’s from Wuyi origin – ‘floral’ and ‘exquisite’. Do you know which one you have? I have both. The exquisite is really just that, an amazing tea with bigger than normal leaves that were hairy. Both are really good, probably the best I’ve had.

    I also purchased their Lapsangs, which were not very good this year. The ‘wild trees’ lapsang was really weird and funky. I also had another black that I literally threw out. They are usually very reliable teas, so I think there were just a few duds this year. Haven’t tried their 2019 oolongs yet.

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