White2Tea’s 2015 Bosch [Episode 125]

One of James’ favorites from White2Tea’s 2015 pu’erh lineup, the Bosch.

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  1. I would imagine if you were to try to age a tea like the Bosch, you’d want a simi sealed type storage, i.e. shrink wrapped. Supposedly, puerh in general ages better in tongs because of the simi sealed nature that the bamboo bark provides(or improvised cardboard tongs) ; helps the tea hold onto it’s character through the years. I’m sure it would be even more important with a tea like this.

    • I’ve tried a cardboard box method for a shou and the tea tasted like the cardboard. Sealing in plastic is not entirely air proof over time, there is seepage. I do not believe sealing works in a dry climate. All it achieves is the plastic becomes brittle and dry. Crock storage or a humidor of some sort which allows more circulation is the only way. In this fashion the tea can also be exposed to warm, humid summer weather for several months a year.

      One of my friends sent me sheng samples of cardboard, plastic and humidor storage on the same tea. All were stored two years. He sent the samples to a handful of people. We all picked the humidor stored tea, the other two were flat and dry.

      • Yes, there would still be some air exchange with shrink wrap, that’s what makes it simi sealed storage. I’ve come to believe, from talking to people with years of experience and my own limited experience, that even inside a pumidor, partially sealing your teas will yield a more interesting tea after years of storage. “Tea ages best in tongs” is common knowledge among a lot of experienced puerh people in SE Asia; and their climate is already ideal, what our pumidors are trying to mimic. most of my tea in storage within my pumidor is also shrink wrapped with a few punched holes, or in the bamboo tongs they came in.

        I was originally just saying that with a young tea that’s already fairly gentle, partially sealing would probably be ideal if you’re wanting to hold onto for a few years. But the Bosch is so damn tastey right now I’d probably just drink it all up before that was a concern!

    • Hi Brian & Cwyn,

      Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate the advice. I’ve been using those ancient tea horse bags that Hobbes uses and YS sells to create semi-tongs. The reminder is good. I should wrap my two Bosch cakes up in that :).


  2. You puerh shank looks a bit frazzled. Mine did that the very first time I used it. Then the cap went flying as soon as I took it off the point never to be seen again.

    Also…. DRINK THAT RINSE. Cywn and I are going to hide under the table, drill thru(or through or threw, damn my grammar!) the table and into the drain tray to collect it

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