Nepalese Golden Tips 2014 – InBetweenIsode w/ Denny #3

Hey tea people!

Denny here with my third installation of our casual “in-between-isode” series.

Today I’m drinking a Nepalese black tea, 2014 Golden Tips (second flush), from What-Cha.

Enjoyed this tea a ton!

Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

Cheers! 🙂

8 responses to “Nepalese Golden Tips 2014 – InBetweenIsode w/ Denny #3”

  1. I think you are correct about letting a couple of years go by and see how this tea improves, the citric edge tells me the depth is there but the tea dried out in the middle of change. Adding some humidity for a few months will likely add that viscosity and complex deeper flavors you’re looking for. Excellent review! Uh, can we see the guns stashed behind the wall next to the survival biscuits?

    • I should do a tasting of survival biscuits.

      My dad got me the hat. It’s ridiculous and, well, damn warm!

      I’m almost out of hats though!! I need a new gimmick!

      Thanks for your comment Cwyn, and I like the idea of storing w/ more humidity. I wonder if it’ll lose any of its crispness or hold up well! Not sure if I’ll even keep it long enough 🙂 Always a good thing.


  2. Definitely 2 thumbs (way) up for these in-between-isodes! Great hat too!

    Interesting to see you brew this gongfu style, rather than in a more conventional way for this type of tea. Your comments and descriptions are fascinating as well, Denny (as always, of course).


  3. Not sure if Nepalese teas are similar to Darjeeling teas… But in Darjeeling, 2nd flush tea doesn’t mean lower quality: just very different flavour profile and processing.

    Very nice videos on teadb these days!

    • Interesting Bef and thanks for the kind words.

      I suppose I was pulling that quality reference from those freshest-of-fresh greens and whites or what but I reeeally enjoyed this tea and couldn’t tell it was 2nd flush.

      Normally later flushes lose some of that depth and tend to become a bit more bitter, great for PuEr.


    • Thank you folks and yes, what a wonderful Nepalese tea! Exciting to see new and delicious teas from less-than-popular regions performing well and “in-category”.

      Thanks again!!

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