Learning How to Drink Raw Pu’Erh – InBetweenIsode #31 w/ Denny

4 responses to “Learning How to Drink Raw Pu’Erh – InBetweenIsode #31 w/ Denny”

  1. Hi Denny , sounds like the Yunnan Sourcing / Rui Cao Xiang Bulang Shan Yun cake pressed in 2009 from 2006 autumn harvest material which was stored as mao cha until Scott found it in 2009 . Am I correct ?

  2. Thought so . I ordered a sample back in 2009 and liked it , so I purchased 3 or 4 cakes . I must dig one out again some time – have not drunk it for at least a couple of years . I believe it is still available at JAS E TEA .

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