Jungjak Dong Cheon Korean Green Tea [Episode 20]

James & Denny do a short, two-episode series on some green tea acquired during James’ recent trip to Korea. From the Hadong growing region they review the lovely young-leaved Jungjak from Dong Cheon teas. This tea can be purchased in the western world from Phoenix Tea House.

4 responses to “Jungjak Dong Cheon Korean Green Tea [Episode 20]”

  1. Thank you ….. I enjoyed watching and learning more about the Dong Cheon Korean tea. I discovered your podcast after having bought some Dong Cheon from Mr Ha’s shop in Seoul. I am working in Seoul for 4 months and I was recommended to visit Mr Ha’s store via Postcard teas in London. I also bought the same (or similar!) white Korean teapot, which I also think is great, and it will become a travel and work companion!
    I look forward to finding more about your site. Thank you for passing on your enjoyment of tea!

    • Thanks for the comment Nick. Dong Cheon is great. There’s alot of tea to explore in the Insadong area (some touristy and some quite good!).

      Good luck and cheers!

  2. I know this is a late reply, but I’m going to Seoul in a couple of week any advice of tea stores and teahouses to visit?

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