Jingjiatang’s 2013 Xile (Youle) [Episode 146]

Jingjitatang’s 2013 Xile. This is a nice, good bang for your buck example of modern pu’erh from one of the six famous tea mountains (Youle).


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  1. With all that talk ages ago, I only had this one in sample form. Back then they were making them in tiny ball form. I remember the tea being a bit light on body, but decently coating. The standout was very definitely the qi. Big bargain in that respect. I had the 14 Xile from a sample this year, and it’s an interesting contrast. It’s a thicker, fuller, more stimulating tea, goes well in the mouth and throat, but it’s not psychoactive like the 13. JJT takes a great deal of care with the shaiqing/fixation of the leaves (and the rest), so if you like a cake in the first place, it will be a good bet for aging.

    • Hi puyuan,

      Thanks for the comment as well as putting JJT on the radar.. Interesting to hear about the 2014 Xile. Sounds a bit different. Certainly no complaints about the quality of this tea for the price.


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