Golden Tian Hong from Smatcha – InBetweenIsode #18 w/ Denny

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  1. 100th episode going outdoors would be legit. In the Wuliang episode comments I mentioned going to a tea grove in Skagit Valley, and that’s a fair distance to travel without a car.

    A (closer) metal alternative:

    Rent a paraglider, (*unless you have one), jump off Poo Poo Point in Issaquah. Try to brew tea while paragliding? Review a tea while paragliding (drink out of a tumbler?).

    Less metal alternatives:

    Film outside in a neighborhood park, or if you got good back yard. bam.

    In front of a waterfall (coal creeks falls (while there’s still water!?) (“the highest good is like water” ?! em I right?!).

    Interview Jeffery McIntosh have him on with his Smatcha Pu-erh. I hear he’s an interesting guy, though I have never met him (I think he apprenticed with Lydia @ Seattle Best Tea).



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