2017 WuyiOrigin Lapsang Souchong Old Tree, Black Tea [Episode 224]

A hongcha, from Cindy over at Wuyi Origin. Smooth and easy drinking.


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  1. Hi James and Denny:
    I bought last month many teas from Cindy Chen. I think all I’d tried are wondeful. Specially the couple of MilanXiang and YashiXiang Dancong that has an spectacular aroma and aftertaste with no bitter at all. I’d tried too an excellent Rougui fruity aroma and a combination of subtle and force of Laocong ShuiXian, talking about Wuyi Yancha. I have not tried this tea yet, but I especially recommend, if we are talking about hongcha, her Jinjunmei Tong Mu Guan 2017. Is not a cheap tea but it’s luscious. It has a sweetness that perhaps over ten infusions with no bitter and a very pleasant aftertaste.
    I have bought many good teas from Yunnan Sourcing and Seven Cups, for example, but almost none of them seems to me really outstanding teas. But all the Wuyi Origin teas I’d tried seems to me superb teas. I think that Cindy Chen is making a great effort to approach us to really Wuyi and Dancong quality tea. She is in the source, speaks a good english and is creating a windows that let us look Wuyi with a Chinese viewpoint because she has the opening to show it, specially to us who can’t travel to China.
    To all the people who are searching big yancha tea, here is a great opportunity to find it with an excellent relationship price quality.

    • Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree! The teas that WuyiOrigin and Cindy sell are probably some of the best options for westerners for the tea genres. Certainly have no complaints here.

      I’ve been working on a few hundred grams of her Qidan and LCSX :).


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