2017 Hailang Hao Yishanmo Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Episode 290]

This episode Denny and I drink a premium ripe pu’erh made by Hailang Hao and sourced by Yunnan Sourcing. This is a subtle but rewarding tea that stands out for its texture, depth, and aftertaste.

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7 Responses to 2017 Hailang Hao Yishanmo Ripe Pu’erh via YS [Episode 290]

  1. Scott Wilson says:

    No need to wash twice… you just wasting it. 😉

  2. Scott Wilson says:

    Miss you guys… come visit!

  3. Scott Wilson says:

    Strip tease for 3 hundo

  4. Rich D says:

    If you like chocolatey ripes, this Hai Lang Hao premium brick is amazingly delicious:

    It’s the best ripe I’ve ever tasted.

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