2016 Mojun Fucha from Shaanxi [Inbetweenisode 150]

This episode, special guest Oolong Owl brings on a 2016 Fuzhuan from Shaanxi she picked up from the World Tea Expo. This type of heicha has a special type of mold, called golden flowers.


3 responses to “2016 Mojun Fucha from Shaanxi [Inbetweenisode 150]”

  1. You are totally spot on with your review of this tea. By some weird coincidence I have just been getting through some Bai Sha Xi “Run Zhi Fu” Fu Zhuan tea from Scott @yunnansourcing.
    It’s definitely like nothing else and the honey notes only start coming into their own after steeping number 3. Very easy drinking, so much so I got totally “heady” tea drunk on it, the cha qi hits way up there in the head.
    I pushed it further and boiled the leaves on 5th steeping with great results. An amazing and interesting tea that sits somewhere between Liu Bao and old raw Puerh

    • Thanks Jonny. Yes a unique category that fits somewhere in the middle of a few others. Certainly worth checking out for anyone not put off by a little mold.

  2. hello ,James. nice to meet u here, this is Sophia ,i am very glad to know u introduce shaanxi fu tea to all tea drinkers. i am from Shaanxi province. if you are interested in learning more about fu tea histroy,and tea processing, i am very glad to explain it to u .pls send me ur e-mail address if you r willing to learn shaanxi fu tea

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