2014 Dehong Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea – InBetweenIsode #1 with Denny

Denny here! I’ve created 6 InBetweenIsodes, causal, personal tastings of some of the teas we don’t have time to bring on the show (and some who are so great we probably should!).

Please let us know in the comments if you enjoy this new format — suggestions welcome! (And sorry for so many Ums!!!! 🙂

We’ll be releasing InBetweenIsodes every Thursday!


12 responses to “2014 Dehong Wild Tree Purple Varietal Black Tea – InBetweenIsode #1 with Denny”

  1. always down for new TeaDB content 🙂 you did a good job with winging it, keep it up!

    I might throw some of this in with my next YS order, love your description.

    • Hi Jake,

      Thanks for the comment and appreciate the feedback! Denny has already filmed several of these.


  2. Interesting format. I quite like the edginess of it! Re temperature and tea drinking, which Denny mentioned toward the end: I always let my teas cool after brewing, as this will have a noticeable (pleasant) effect on the taste.

    • Hi Peter,

      As always, we appreciate your valuable comments and feedback. As commented above, we’ll be shooting to release one or two of these a week on Thursday or Friday.


  3. Great, even more content on teadb!

    I’m not into pu’erh, so I really enjoy seeing episodes with different kinds of teas.

    I’ve been drinking a lot of black teas myself lately. Mostly top-quality 2nd flush Darjeeling teas that I ordered directly from a vendor located directly in Darjeeling (the price is *much* lower when buying from one of these vendors). Never liked 1st flush teas, but really love a cup of 2nd flush during the evening.

    Might try to forward a sample of these if you’re interested – let me know…

    • Hi Bef,

      Thanks for the feedback :). We have yet to dive headfirst into Darjeeling but would love to give it a try. Shoot us an email at teadborg@gmail.com and maybe we can work something out.


  4. I’m happy to have come across your vlogs. I am early on in my journey of learning about tea and appreciate what you are doing.

    This episode is a much more personal and intimate experience for the viewer. I especially like seeing the top-down view of what you are doing while steeping. Not to mention watching you formulate into words what you are experiencing.

    Thank you both for your work. I’ve seen nothing like it online. Well done and keep up the good work.


    • Hi Anni,

      Thanks very much for the comment and detailed feedback! I am glad that TeaDB has been of some use to you in your tea journey.

      Expect more of this soon.


  5. Tried 7 or 9 different black teas from Yunnan Sourcing that Scott recommended.

    This is the one I prefered. Very special profile, weird taste and aromas (in a good way), really nice and different from other black teas I tried so far.

    Just ordered 250g of this tea, and will probably try to age some of it in a jar.

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