Nanjian’s 2011 Organic Mushroom Ripe Pu’erh via Yunnan Sourcing [Episode 94]

This is a great clean, daily drinking ripe pu’erh for those on a budget. Ceritified organic, with just a little bit of the pile taste, it’s sold for an exceedingly reasonable price by Yunnan Sourcing. Recommended by Denny as a great intro ripe pu’erh.

2 responses to “Nanjian’s 2011 Organic Mushroom Ripe Pu’erh via Yunnan Sourcing [Episode 94]”

  1. Anther great episode. I love hearing your thoughts/comments on the teas. James, you mention also have a daily drinker like Denny’s Xiaguan. I was wondering which one you choose?

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the comment! My favorite daily drinking ripe is that Yongde 2011 Organic. I have a cake of the 2012 too, which I have yet to delve into.

      It’s a few steps above this cake and can be still had at the Yunnan Sourcing US site (I believe).


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