2007 Xizi Hao Xishangmeishao [Episode 302]

This episode, Denny and I drink a raw pu’erh kindly sent to us by Darius. Thank you! The tea is a special opportunity to try something that has been dry-stored in the US (near Atlanta) for many years. It is a particularly interesting session because most of the Xizi Hao being circulated has been stored in Taiwan. We have also tried a TW stored version of this tea before and it is totally different.

Darius’ stored version is clean, punchy, and quite powerful. The tea tastes greener and rawer but it rewards in complexity and aroma.

Previous video w/the TW stored version of this tea.


2 responses to “2007 Xizi Hao Xishangmeishao [Episode 302]”

  1. James,

    Another interesting video, kudos to you and Denny.

    Did Darius give you any insight into what his storage set-up was? It was obviously drier than Taiwan but was it “Atlanta natural” or controlled temp and humidity? Also, I was unsure as to what level of aging you experienced other than young, though I seem to remember you mentioning 6 years..not sure if you were referring to the tea or not.


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