Yunnan Sourcing’s 2005 Purple Dehong [Episode 84]

In episode 84, Denny and James review a wetter-stored pu’erh, the 2005 Purple Dehong. Purchased from Yunnan Sourcing, this also uses the purple leaf varietal. Big thanks to redpandaflying for send this tea!

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6 Responses to Yunnan Sourcing’s 2005 Purple Dehong [Episode 84]

  1. Carolyn says:

    Another great episode. I don’t know much about purple varietals. Are they all supposed to be from wild trees?
    As always, thanks for the great videos!
    PS- I just wanted to mention that your comedic timing has always been great!

    • Peter says:

      Yes, the interchanges between Denny & James is well worth the price of admission!

    • James says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words! I’m not too sure about the purple varietals. I don’t think they’re necessarily all wild, but they seem to generally be from newish trees. It’s also interesting to me that Kenya is growing the purple varietal.


      • shah8 says:

        1) Purple leaf wild tea, from place in Dehong and Da Xue Shan and in Wulian/Ai Lao Shan.

        1a) Purple bud wild tea.

        2) Purple tip tea from tea at high elevations and with lots of sun. Plant protects new buds with anthrocyanins, etc, and this tip is picked.

        3) Modern varietal clonal variety with all leaves being purple. Like the YS Yiwu Purple stuff.

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