2005 Biyunhao Manzhuan [Episode 207]

A Manzhuan production from Taiwanese boutique, private label.


9 responses to “2005 Biyunhao Manzhuan [Episode 207]”

  1. Ahhh! Great episode. The barnyard aspects of the mz teas is really becoming to me. Unusual and elegant.

  2. Manzhuan is single mountain or tea area with about 10 villages, one of Six famous mountain, is not part of Yiwu area at all. I saw some tea sellers use this description but is completly wrong.

    • Depends on what you define as Yiwu, which people use as a pretty loose term. Sure, it’s not Yiwu village or mountain or whatever, so I see why it could be categorized as a greater Yiwu area tea.

      • Yiwu is town and then is Yiwu area. But in your video is said Manzhuan, part of Yiwu…
        Yiwu is just part of 6FMT, same as Manzhuan, Yibang, or so… but Yiwu is never bigger area from my understanding than Manzhuan. If you have any article which put Manzhuan to part of Yiwu, please share here, I will like to see that..

        • Uh. I have extremely little interest in getting into a debate over this.

          Of course Manzhuan is not the same town nor in the immediate Yiwu mountain nor do I say it is. I refer to it as the “greater Yiwu area”.

          Look Manzhuan up on a map, it’s right next to it.

          • I do not need map, I was in both places many times. Manzhuan is completly different mountain which not have nothing common with Yiwu. They are both part of 6FTM.
            There is not any “Yiwu area” which incluiding Manzhuan or Yibang or any single mountains.

            I was just asking why you guys use this information or from where it come from, thats all.

            I like your blog and respect your work but simple do not understand this idea of “greater Yiwu area” which do not have any geographical or historical background. Especially if Yibang or Manzhuan was proably more famous than Yiwu in the history.

            Sorry if you feel I bother you but I feel is relative important to not give people wrong information.

          • I appreciate your feedback and interest in correcting me. That being said, regional semantic discussions make me want to scratch my eyeballs out with sand paper. Again, I appreciate your desire to be accurate and don’t intend any offense but I will not be responding anymore on this specific topic.

            I’m aware of those links and have used them many times for a few years. I’m also aware of the geography of where Manzhuan Mountain and Yiwu Mountain are.

            Yiwu is an overlabeled and overused term. In the video I used the term “Greater Yiwu Area” rather than more specifically Yiwu Mountain or Yiwu town or whatever.. Greater Yiwu, Yiwu outlier, Yiwu-ish is used as more of an umbrella term for eastern Xishuangbanna/Mengla County. You can argue about the merits/accuracies of that, but I think that sort of generalization is common enough to be understood and can be helpful for people looking for more familiar terms (since not everyone knows where Mengla County or the six famous mountains are, although I agree they are more geographically accurate/specific). It’s also what I intended when I spoke.


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