1960s Teabag via Wu Zhong Hang [Episode 178]

An allegedly very old teabag from Wu Zhong Hang.

3 responses to “1960s Teabag via Wu Zhong Hang [Episode 178]”

  1. Well I’ve had a sample of a 1999 ripe pu erh but for me the age did not add much to it but the tea did taste less earthy than some younger ripes I’ve had. If I look at the taste it did not matter much to me so I’ll just buy some younger cheaper ones that I also enjoy.

    With oolongs I’ve tried some aged but that with about 12 years age and it was not really to my liking because they were roasted way too much. If I have to choose I would rather take a fresh high mountain than a multiple time re roasted aged one. Of course the roasted age one is interesting to try but if I really want to drink some tea with smoke flavor I would just take a Lapsang Souchong.

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