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Yancha (Wuyi Oolongs) [March 2015 Tea Drinking Report]

Big shoutouts to Brian, Carolyn, and Richard (+vendors) for providing several of the teas for this month and allowing the content to be what it is! I hope you like long-form content, because this tea of the month report is … Continue reading

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Great Horse Tea’s Dancong Chaozhou Oolong [Episode 93]

Special guest Jake Knapp returns for episode 93 to review a Dancong. Like the Bai Ji Guan, this is a good quality oolong and fits an extremely fruity, naturally sweet profile.

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Great Horse Tea’s Bai Ji Guan Wuyi Rock Oolong [Episode 92]

Denny and James bring on a special guest, Jake Knapp, who recently visited China with Great Horse Teas. In this episode, they drink some Yancha (Wuyi Rock Tea) procured on their latest trip, Bai Ji Guan.

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